Lewis Fautzi - ELOCUTION


12 Inch

Figure / Figure81

Front View : Lewis Fautzi - ELOCUTION - Figure / Figure81
Back View : Lewis Fautzi - ELOCUTION - Figure / Figure81

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Elocution, the third Figure EP from portuguese producer Lewis Fautzi, again displays a high defree of versatility but still comes cleary cut for the club. Employing a rich yet spacious sound design, Fautzi creates cinematic scapes that are at once both brimming with the hums of colossal interstellar machinery yet at the same time leave enough room for a range of carefully sculpted elements to do their work. Whether it be the twisted acid arpeggio on opener Shizophrenia, the imposing drones underscoring the mighty Mirror or the propulsive percussion of centerpiece 37B. Testament to Fautzis talent of engaging arrangement, never do the tracks here feel hurried nor do they become stagnant - but rather given just the right time to ripe into their full captivating potential. No matter if one is to approach this records as already an avid lover of Lewis Fautzis work or comes to it simply looking for fresh takes on the classic formula, this enthralling EP certainly will satisfy everyones needs.

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