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6-page Feature In The Wire July 2014. Featured On The Hyperdub 10.3 Compilation Following Up From The Success Of His Emphatic Pan Releases Dutch Tvashar Plumes And Diversions 1994-1996 In 2012 (2 In Facts Albums Of The Year) Pan Is Excited To Announce Koch (pronounced Cotch). The New Album From Brummie/londoner Lee Gamble. Sharing Some Stylistic Affinity With His Previous Records. Which Excavated His Deeply Personal History With Uk Jungle And Rave. And Techno. This New Work Dives Even Deeper To Reveal A Singular And Intimate Musical Vantage Point. Shifting To Approaching Music As Projection. State.hallucination. An Other Place.
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Sharing some stylistic affinity with his previous records, which excavated his deeply personal history with UK jungle and rave, and techno, this new work dives even deeper to reveal a singular and intimate musical vantage point, shifting to approaching music as projection, state,hallucination, an other place. In ‘KOCH’, we experience an artist constructing a future after time spent deconstructing the past. ‘KOCH’ represents an intimate and revelatory new phase in Lee Gamble’s practice. Producing tracks that can live and grow on their own in a club or personal listening environment, the artist’s exploratory framework creates threads of consistency and tension between disparate spaces, locations, and mental states.
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