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We find our way to the title track,>Problems< a meditation on many of the trials and tribulations that Lee himself has had to overcome over the years. Tip!

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Truth & Soul Records re-releases Lee Fields ‘Problems’ album! The sonic palette of this record reaches far and wide, ranging from the rampaging psychedelic funk of "Bad Trip" to the softer introspective sounds of "Honey Dove", but that's just the beginning. The album opens up with "The Right Thing", a gripping tale of love found and love lost, set to the super heavy popcorn meets afro-funk backbeat. In "I Don't Know Where I'm Going (But I Know Where I Came From)" he lays down a super heavy, Bobby Byrd-esque groove with Lee emoting frankly about perils people face and about finding your own way. We find our way to the title track, "Problems" a meditation on many of the trials and tribulations that Lee himself has had to overcome over the years. Tip!
The band supports him with solid, take-no-prisoners guitar, heavy bass and a mouth watering drum break that will have producers funning to their samples. "You Made A New Man Out Of Me" gives drummer Olu "Rocksteady" Owudemi the chance to lay down a drum beat that would make Clyde Stubblefield proud. The rest of the band follows his lead with succinct stabs of guitar and horns, while Lee floats over the top, giving thanks to the woman who changed his evil ways. "Rapping with Lee" finds Mr. Fields delivering a heartfelt discourse on how to keep and love one lady in a humorous and heartfelt way that only he could do. Lee takes a break on "Clap Your Hands", letting the band get down to business, with a heavy, happy party track that is a sure fire hit on dance floors worldwide. On "Honey" Lee pays tribute to his lifetime love over a slow, organ filled groove that hits hard and won't let up. Last but not least "Near East" is another instrumental track by the band. They expand their sound, capturing an eastern feel and groove while still creating that innate funk toughness that The Explorers are famous for. Long out of print and highly covered, here available again as CD in a paste-on gatefold cover.
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