Karo Zwo / Cab Drivers - ZWO FREMDE

Karo Zwo / Cab Drivers


12" Vinyl colored shri D

Cabinet Records / Cab50

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Image of the Record Back Side
ZWO FREMDE was recorded in 1994 by Zky and Daniel Paul (aka Cab Drivers). The next year Cabinet Records was founded. The track now comes in full length on vinyl. mastered from the original tape. This gem is a master piece and a blueprint for many tracks these guys made. Also other artists are inspired by this timeless classic. like Konstantin Sibold: It was the model for his track >Mother< he said. BACKSIDE 50 is the perfect B-Side and rounds off the 50th release on Berlins House Label No. 1. >zwo fremde< contains somewhere in the middle of the track original 1994 dirt. thats how they recorded the jam. your vinyl copy is fine!

coloured 12" Vinyl
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