Jules & Moss


12" Vinyl ES

Oblack Label / OBLACK010

Front View : Jules & Moss - THE COKINE COCKEE EP (PHIL WEEKS REMIX) - Oblack Label / OBLACK010
Back View : Jules & Moss - THE COKINE COCKEE EP (PHIL WEEKS REMIX) - Oblack Label / OBLACK010

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There Is Some Disco Cockiness Right Here. The Right Amount Of Funky With A Pinch Of House And Many Other Things That Well Discover As We Peel Back The Layers With Ease.

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The French duet Jules & Moss cook up an EP for Oblack in which the original track is released under the name 'The Cokine Cockee' and is a right of passage to house, with a slower tempo and cuasi lo-fi frequencies. With such an underground influence like nothing else, after the first play it's as if you've left a tomb full of temptation, sound and low light, very dim. Here you sweat over pink velvet even though your movements are heavy, like a camera in slow motion. Low vocals are ghost like, they give a strange attractiveness to the cut, the cinematic distortion works. Everything tastes black here.

The remix released by Parisian producer Phil Weeks puts 'The Cokine Cockee' gives proportion to this happy electronic, soft dubby track and helps the house flavor to grow.
It gives a shed load of quality and the effect on the dance floor, it adds backbone to this cool rhythm that, since being synthesized, better highlights this great version. Well Weeks, it's obvious you know what you're doing when comes to turning nobs and pushing buttons.

The second track in question 'Cyprine Joyeuse' by Jules & Moss is a nice house journey with a clear funky incline, a spot of looped guitar like an unexpected guest, in which the percussion marks a playful touch, fun and very danceable. This track has an interesting classic air about it, with a nice yet addictive drop. In the second part of the cut it starts adding synthetic elements that darken the mood, taking away some of the flashing lights from the riff and gives a new look to underground. It has style and feeling, what more can you ask for?

Finally, Jules & Moss in perfect combo with their mate Oliver Woog, present the track 'La Redime' ending up with this EP for Oblack. They present the underground side of House, warm and wet, with an analogic touch that really shows a deep face to this release. It is a well developed track, atractive and seductive for the listener, adding up elements bit by bit with a very sweet taste. It is a hidden bomb that will surprise many of you. No doubt! [txt from ]
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