Juan Sanchez - QUALIA EP

Juan Sanchez
12" Vinyl NL
FORMAT Records / FR010V

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Stepping up for its landmark tenth release is label honcho Juan Sanchez. who drops four slices of heavy techno funk. Over the course of nine releases. FORMAT Records have established itself as a very credible source for quality techno. Its tenth release again perfectly captures that frisky FORMAT sound. First up is Serpent. a mid-tempo and bass-laden belter that’s followed by the darker. minimal-tinged Qualia. A Different Place merges Detroit-esque elements with tones of European techno. after which things close with no-beatsall-fx Stubborn Synth. The tenth FORMAT release is a perfect snapshot of the label’s signature sound. while paving the way for many more good things to come.
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