Jarvis Cocker
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Finders Keeper Records / helpfk001

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Cocker kicks off a collectable series of bargain-priced Finders Keepers compilations made to support the label in light of the recent warehouse fire at PIAS North London depot. A long time fan of the label and their doings. he was granted full access to rifle their catalogue and hes picked some absolute treats for ya. including. if were not mistaken. some which have never appeared on CD before. To start theres the perspicacious poetics of Carol Battens Beeing. besides the legendary pseudo J-Pop of Yamasuki (made by none other than Thomas -Daft Punk- Bangalters dad!). besides a first CD appearance for Jacky Chalards Super Man. Super Cool from the Cache Cache 12-. Youll also find a nugget from the Stone soundtrack. one of the labels finest moments from Amrals Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra. the Glam Prog of Gongs Rational Anthem. Balearic Prog from Fusioon. tender folk from Jane Weaver With Wendy Flower. and a bonus moment in Jean Claude Vanniers Au Desepoir Des Singles. Top picks. well recommended!
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