Jacek Sienkiewicz - ON THE ROAD AGAIN

Jacek Sienkiewicz


12" Vinyl D

Cocoon / Cor12084

Front View : Jacek Sienkiewicz - ON THE ROAD AGAIN - Cocoon / Cor12084
Back View : Jacek Sienkiewicz - ON THE ROAD AGAIN - Cocoon / Cor12084

Comes in CLEAR VINYL. With over 30 releases behind and over a decade of running his own label, Jacek Sienkiewicz persistently followed his very own path, creating music that very soon began to be impossible to define. Friendly, but not fraternizing with everyone and his family, modest, but stubborn only in a positive way, Jacek is an individual with clear, personal vision and an unorthodox approach to music - light years away from the hectic, utilitarian ethos of club-derived electronic beats. >On the Road EP< is the preliminary 12inch for the homonymus album which is another collaboration with Cocoon. The cycle is now completed with one of the most experimental albums to appear on Sven Väths label to date. This record is not easy and is definitely demanding attention - but its also rewarding like no other. New sounds, voices and brilliantly clever arrangement patterns are revealed with each new listen. Its not Detroit nor Santiago, not Sheffield nor Berlin, its not even the sound of Jaceks home town of Warsaw - this is the real music of the spheres.

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