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12" Vinyl D
Silent Steps / Silentsteps06

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Silent Steps is back on wax with a sixth opus written and produced by Impact Unit that are no one else than Luis Flores & Material Object who teamed up to create two outstanding tracks.

Luis Flores is well known to be one of the Techno highlights in Mexico, and part of the L.A based label Droid. For this project, he joins the Berlin based musician and producer Material Object, a real analog sound lover, gear collector and experimental music maker, that has made music for about two decades and has recently collaborated with some of the most recognized Techno or Electronic Music producers such as Pete Namlook, Tim Xavier, Drumcell or even Dustin Zahn.

Two very interesting tracks came out from this collaboration. The first one "Trauma" is what we could call an offbeat track, with a huge atmospheric work, but that still fits great to the dancefloor with it's intense analog percussions that hits and creates a groovy flow with energy.
The second original work "Tremor" is a piece of 4/4 raw Techno. The element that stands out the most is a massive hypnotic and really mind tripping analog synth loop that brings to the track something special with a very own identity, and that is pushed by ryhtmics combinations of hats and percs.

On the B side you can find out two remixes of the track "Trauma".
First one is from the very well known producer from Argentina Mr Pfirter who delivers here a real pounding and intense mix, pushing original elements as their best. Pfirter already started playing his remix at gigs and with awesome reactions from the crowd.

The second remix and last track of the release has been made by Octave the owner of the label. He worked it out in a straight, but deeper way, with a huge atmosphere and deep and raw low frequencies. He used percs elements to create a different groove and added a little analog element to bring it intensity.
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