Il Civetto - LUBMIN

Il Civetto


12" Vinyl D

Acker Records / Acker 051

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Image of the Record Back Side

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Its the music of the space that extends between oceans and mountain slopes. Its the music of the space that is much bigger and much more adventurous than the four walls of a club look like. Its the latest record on Acker, and it orbits around a song from Il Civetto. The band from Berlin is a wonderfully multicultural bunch. Their sound is reminiscent of Gypsy, Folk or Swing, but at the same time it doesnt really fit any of these labels. Liberté Ana is a perfect example. Monolink turns this track into a groovy Downbeat tune that vibrates much higher than its low BPM count - the perfect soundtrack for laid-back afternoons or afterhours. PopHop does what he does best: Party. However, between the catchy bassline and the tight percussions of his remix theres still a lot of space for the soul of Liberté Ana. Umami goes even further and creates an ecstatic banger that has everything it takes to be played during the prime time on the dance floor.
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