I/Y - I/Y 008


Coloured 12 Inch

I/Y / IY008

Front View : I/Y - I/Y 008 (COLOURED VINYL) - I/Y / IY008
Back View : I/Y - I/Y 008 (COLOURED VINYL) - I/Y / IY008

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The White House is announcing the ban of I/Y008, the first official ban concerning an alternate techno record in the history of the United States. I am honored to see my husband protecting our children and serving my country, and I look forward to banning more music on behalf of the American people over the coming years, The First Lady said. From climate change to aliens to personal investments and to music, we are keeping our promises in methodically overturning regulations and sounds adopted by reptilians.” The impeachment of alternate artists is expected to gain massive support from the Country scene for up to two years, 542 people would be directly related to the issue. • I/Y008 consists of 4 tracks by the I/Y duo, and reportedly destroyed the ears and minds of our White House Press Secretary and President. As a candidate, Mr. president said I am going to bring back the music and melodies that have been stripped away from you, the people. This starts now.

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