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Hvob: Trialog Hvob Present Their Second Album As An Interdisciplinary Work Of Art: Ten Physical Processes Are Reflected In Interactive Installations. Visuals And Sounds. With Their Successful Debut Album (hvob. 2013) And Five Eps. Hvob Have Crafted A Unique Panoply Of Sound: Intelligent And Driving. Challenging And Melodic. Trialog. The Second Album By The Producer Duo Anna Müller And Paul Wallner. Will Be Releases On April 17th. I. Project Above All. Trialog Is An Interdisciplinary Art Project. Comprising A Discourse Between The Disciplines Of Sound. Video And Installation. Realised By Hvob. The Vjs Licherloh And The Visual Artist Clemens Wolf.
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The theme centres on ten ubiquitous physical processes, which are being documented and interpreted interactively on three artistic levels; via Clemens Wolf’s orchestrated processes, the lyrics and sounds of HVOB’s tracks, and the visuals by VJs lichterloh. II. Album Tearing, mixing, bursting, melting, oxidising, breaking, imploding, etching, bending, burning, track to video, video to artwork, artwork to track: ‘Trialog’ depicts the transformation of ten physical processes in ten tracks. HVOB’s sound distinctively shapes the album, yet the duo now interpret their acoustic palette in darker, more accentuated, techno-leaning shades. Each of the ten tracks pursues its own individual dramaturgy: the opener ‘Azrael’ tears apart its built-up percussive tension, ‘Clap Eyes’ inches along frailly, ‘The Anxiety to please’ deepens and condenses until it implodes. References, inspirations and associations between materials, processes and artistic disciplines create an artistic depth, which renders the album a highly complex and complete work of art.
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