Huerco S.
12" Vinyl US
Wicked Bass / wb008t

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Our new release has a particular importance in the history of Wicked Bass. being incidentally both the latest and the first to appear on vinyl. The four-track record comes from our long-time favorite KC wunderkind. Huerco S.. who evidently grasps his inspiration from literally everywhere. be it UK Hardcore. pitched down American vibes. or even modern art. Scoring No Jack EP with three original tracks and a remix by the US scenes fresh discovery. Braille (who is coincidentally one half behind Sepalcure). as his first physical release. Huerco S. embarks on a far-lying journey with even more to come. Support from: Neville Watson. Locked Groove. Throwing Snow. Hackman ...

The opening and title track, ‘No Jack’, basically sets the mood for the entire record with its slow-paced tempo, deep chords, soul-touching processed repeated vocal samples, spacey pads, reverb claps and an unorthodox bassline. Needless to say, all of these paradoxically sum up to an absolute dancefloor slayer, which is followed on the same side by ‘Bypass’, a nearly beatless, obviously difficult to repeat and surprisingly haunting work of art that stays in the minds of listeners for good. Flip the record, and you find yourself absolutely startled by ‘Untitled’, a more simple and common for Huerco S. piece of production with easy-going vocals, yet unbelievable in its perfection — especially considering the Chords (only with a capital letter) that appear towards the end; making you want to listen to it from beginning till end over and over again. What is left for ‘dessert’ is the long-awaited psychological re-interpretation of the above from Braille, who takes us ‘deep, deep, even deeper’, as sung in a popular house track, while reanimating the song, masterfully changing its mood and making it more optimist by adding some of his trademark displaced beats, and re-working the pads, synths, vocals in a manner in which Larry Heard would back in the days. The concept behind our long-awaited very first record is clear, and judging from the reaction we have already received, it will most likely please all kinds of audience, be it the bass heads, Chicago house lovers or even disco spinners. For the lack of better words, however, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you will listen to it intimately at home or destroy the nearest dancefloor by dropping it in the right moment.
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