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Heidis-run Jackathon parties have been hitting cities internationally since late 2009. now with residencies in London. Berlin. Paris. Miami. Manchester and Amsterdam – Jackd House is truly taking a fair slice of the scene. The compilation isnt an add on. a supplement to the nights: its deep grounded sound and thoughtfully crafted line-up backs up the global club-motion that is emerging within Heidis control.Mix favourites step up as the deep and bassy foundings of Deetrons The Juggler. funk-told Incoming Bitch by Soul Clap and move-strong Whiff It Yawl from Jamie Jones. Although the first mix this year to really engage in houses history. its freedom status – it escapes cliche. avoiding big cheez for serious deep. electronics: Heidi keeps the listing real. The especially-recorded vocal drops of house-legend Derrick Carter also make the record what it is. his infamous Chicago-born vox gives residence to what Heidis trying to do: resurrect the old school.Dancefloor destruction is on pause. the club is still a playground. still moving hard theres just more room to play now. as Steve Bugs last track titles: Jacks back.
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