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Minimalized is the highly anticipated debut album from Tokyos Heavy1. and with its release. he pushes the boundaries of electronic music. and further cements his position as one of the most exciting new artists on the worldwide scene. This standout producer has masterfully composed 11 tracks spanning from hard hitting Drum n Bass. to musical Dubstep. to the albums title track. which is a nod to the analog synthesizers and hardware drum machines of a bygone era. Throughout Minimalized. Heavy1s clinical and precise production is always balanced with intriguing synthesis. lush and emotive songwriting. and punishing percussion and bass. Tracks like Ongaku or Judge with June Miller show a more aggressive take on music. and tracks like Deep Train and Light Upon My Road are more musical and feature stunning original vocals from Key MC and Iriann Joyce. respectively. This body of work truly appeals to anyone with a taste for subtlety. without sacrificing impact. DJ support includes Loxy. DJ Marky. Makoto. Zero T. DJ Flight. and Icicle.
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