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Nowadays House Music has become a global phenomenon. Almost all songs/tracks from the 80s and 90s have been recycled and sampled. Harley&Muscle from milan are the spearhead of the international deep house scene and who is supposed to know better how it all started at the end of the eighties. Soulstar proudly presents the fourth edition of the House Classics compilation. Also on *House Classics IV* Harley&Muscle present the who-is-who of the house music world and deliver 26 titles the wrote house music history.

CD1 starts of with a true classic "Pacific State", by 808 State, which surely has a place in the electronic music hall of fame. Victor Simonelli´s Original Club Mix of Cloud 9´s "Do You Want Me Baby" is on disc 1, as well as Lectroluv "The Difference", Mood Swing "Inspiration Point", the Jazz´N´Groove Club Mix of Body Moods "Agitate It" and many others. Armand Van Helden´s underground evergreen "Flowerz" is on board and also the Frankie Knuckles Mix of “Bring Me Love” by Andrea Mendez and the genre defining “String Free” by Phortune.

On CD2 are also several titles that made house and dance music history like "It´s a Fine Day" by Opus III, "Brighter Days" by Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien, the Kings of Tomorrow Remix of "The Real Thing" by Mateo & Matos and Mr. Lee´s "I Can't Forget”. Besides that there are artists like Creative Force, Higher Level and many others on this silver disc. „HOUSE CLASSICS IV“ gives everybody who loves house music, but wants to know more about the roots, a perfect insight of the early days of this genre and all househeads the pleasure to listen to their treasures without the needle of the turntable jumping.


Another year is past and our House Music heads are still banging to the rhythm of the unforgettable old school House Music beats. We were there playing, singing & dancing the melodies of those enchanted tunes who were rocking our bodies & souls. We want to keep all the House Music movement alive & kicking through our compilations which will remember & teach where we are all coming from.

House Music needs respect for all people who spread it with emotional feelings created by 7 notes on a keyboard or some syncopated beats in a drum machine. House Music is a feeling and we must truly understand that it’s a gift from above in order to set all us free through it warm energy. We trust in House Music.

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