Gin Joints
12" Vinyl UK
Discothequq ala Cart / teq05

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The Nu Disco Sound From Gin Joints!!
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Hot like a sauna! To follow up on the critically acclaimed teq04 Gin Joints - Know the Ledge 12" is hard. But after
a long hot summer it finally have come the time when the overheating sp1200 works again in the swedish winter.
So gather around to enjoy the sounds of our 5th release: teq05 Gin Joints - For Tonight 12". In which Gin Joints
continues to perfect his craft funky electro-disco-pop while still keeping it circled around his worship of the
sp1200 and love for the 80s funky sounds. 3 tracks of ice cold mood-music made for dancefloors, lovers,
lounging and connoisseurs. Add a killer electro house remix of the title track by Neon Workout of Girlfriend
Records, a lo-fi old school house remix by Simon Frank of Neles Records and we have another winner!
Neonized Magazine "Gin Joints es Funk de nueva cuña, no es coña." "Gin Joints has got a style all
his own that puts a refreshing twist on electronic music."Dj Design(Stones Throw) "This is total awesomeness."

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