Falko Brocksieper
12" Vinyl D
Sub Static / SUS76

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Groove Charts Pos 15. Falko Brocksieper is back on his recently relaunched Sub Static label with a 3-tracker called >Beau Rivage<. Yet again all pieces on this EP are showing Falkos love for slowly building. trippy techno arrangements. aiming at various states of the dancefloor. A catchy bassline paired with edgy electronic percussions and subtle harmonic overtones make the two latenight tracks >Beau Rivage< and >Glow In The Dark< a joy to play to a tenderized crowd. With the same signature organic feel Falko weaves all the elements together on deeper track >Mental Hangover<. featuring vocals by Benjamin Fehr). This EP represents Falkos tie to timeless electronic music. and his concern to keep classic themes alive & interesting.
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