El_txef_a. James Duncan. Fiakun Team
12" Vinyl D
Fiakun / Fiakun010

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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In 403 After a long break. Fiakun Team and El_Txef_A join forces again. for this second colaboration at the studio. Something about the way your hair falls in your face. is pure summer love.
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Original mix was recorded by the guys at the “Tigerskin” studio in Berlin while El_Txef_A was recording some drafts for the new album. Adding to the original the fiakun guys, include a extended groove mix of the track, wich will be more tasty for the long vinyl track lovers. As an extra will be included a original track by the one and only guy from Brooklyn, James Duncan, pure mpc shit with a big smell a US streets. Wax lovers, you can’t miss this gem.
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