Elio / Robbenspierre / Grienkho / Jts1 / E-natio - MRG003 VARIOUS ARTISTS

Elio / Robbenspierre / Grienkho / Jts1 / E-natio
12" Vinyl D
Marguerite Records / MRG003

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Five Italian talents of underground scene. Solid ep from raw house to jungle jams. Elio (Dancing like Quagmire / 800Hz) received likes by Marcelus Pittman. Roman Flugel. Pablo Valentino and Pender Street Steppers. Keep an ear on this guy because many releases will come out soon. Robbenspierre (Dusky Adriatic). Sheesma party resident. He really doesnăt like to talk about himself. All you need to know is that he is an italian dj and producer and that he plays records that will make your ass shaking a lot and your mind blowing out of the floor. He drinks strongly. so offer him a drink and donăt give up.
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Grienkho (Pushmaster Discs, Sorry For This, Crimini Records, Austerity) It’s well known that some towns like Bologna could have influenced the aptitude to dive your mind in a chaotic world full of music: It’s up to you to put your own universe in order. That’s what Grienkho did: face the music from a theoretical and then a technical point of view, finding the different possibilities into this constantly moving world. Dj Sotofett made a remix for him.
JTS1 (Bosconi Records / Marguerite Records / Potatoheaz / Dionysian Mysteries). At that point the path to follow was clear, He started looking around myself doing research, going to different record stores and parties, listen to different music. Everything he has learned till now was already part of my knowledge. Then he discovered the MPC.
E-Natio, moniker of Nothus, the man behind XCPT Music.
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