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Live techno-tanzband trio Elektro Guzzi are set to release their new studio album Observatory via Berlin based record label Macro. From their 2010 s/t debut album and 2011 follow up Parquet (hypnotic. near kosmische reverberations - Clash) Elektro Guzzi have taken their man machine live show of bass. guitar. drums around the world. from landmark clubs like Fabric and Berghain to major festivals Roskilde. Sonar and Mutek.
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With ‘Observatory’, Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Breuer shift everything anyone could expect from a live band. Tellingly, instrument credits have been wiped off the record sleeve. Still a string and a drum skin at the source, the sound emanating from the speakers seems to have travelled light years. Utterly alien, ‘Observatory’ unfolds into a paradigm for both the performance of music and the music performed. Despite advances in software, ironically it is this live band that initiates a redesign of how techno could leap into the future. There is nothing retro about it. No citations of historic moments. The album resembles a party on the edge of the solar system, with scraps of distant sound memories - a shocking abandonment of anything an instrument was supposed to do. The recordings’ warmth is at a stark contrast to the music’s Skynet thrust: a time capsule of techno projected into the dark unknown. Metallic and human at the same time, a love cry miles from home…
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