Easy Changes
12" Vinyl D
Nervmusic / nm005

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Easy Changes Supposed Dolls EP is a welcome slice of audio that remains in the sweet spot between clubby-booty-shake and avant-garde-sound-grenade. Theres more emphasis on acoustic tones as the sound sources for their audio bending activities. The added acoustic richness is in the service of Easy Changes love of abstract texture. and heightens a sense of almost tribal funk. Will mix in and blow minds.

Supposed Dolls
In a village half-submerged in swamp water, a man with tin cans tied to his belt plays a radio transmission from Africa. What's inside this room? Everyone is clapping their hands with their eyes closed.

Boron Phosphide
A parade of ringing metal tones. Accidentally precise acoustic audio points. The luxurious space of microtonal collisions. Dusty jazz goes through the microscope.

Boron Phosphide (Maayan Nidayam's Midnight Remix)
Rising steam bends the skins of drums. Peeking out of the shadows, dancers in Cuban suits fall forward, and fall in reverse. The ghost of dub is here, but there are no echoes. This loop is always (and for the next 6 minutes & 51 seconds).
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