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The audience is immersed in the kicking, hypnotizing sounds and breaks that explode right into your face! Two CDs for one single CD price! Nice and noble digipack cover! Including Free bonus MP3s. Download link is inside the album!!

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No doubt: Dusty Kid’s album „A Raver’s Diary“ (2009) is among the Boxer catalogue’s highlights where the most versatile talent from Sardegna proves his excellent skills as “Master of Dramaturgy”.
However, this album almost makes you forget that he is the other half of Duoteque, a project founded together with Andrea Ferlin, and which has been put on hold since their enormous success in 2007. In the meantime, Ferlin has been busy, too. Together with Francesco Assenza, he has founded another label with the apt title “Sleep is Commercial”, has released a number of EPs, (e. g. on “Contexterrior”), and has been DJing at a number of fantastic clubs worldwide.
But sometimes, professional relationships are like private relationships: you break up, and then you get back together again. Since 2009, Dusty Kid and Andrea Ferlin have been working together again, and now, in order to adequately celebrate their reunion, Boxer presents a great Duoteque collection on two CDs.
Apart from many bonus tracks including some exclusive remixes of Duoteque hits made by Marascia, The Dolphins and Pig & Dan, it is Dusty Kid’s Duoteque megamix that may be regarded as the centrepiece of this release. It represents a collection of the Best of the complete Duoteque œuvre, and it is the first time that some of the greatest Boxer releases are now available for non-vinyl spotters, too.
Next to all three tracks released on the best selling Boxer 12“ so far – „You Know All About Drags EP“ – Dusty Kid adds a number of other jewels to the mix: the spooky spoken word track „Lola“ for example, top tracks such as „Adyra“ or „Bilk“, and the basement funk of „Amarcord“ … the whole spectrum of Duoteque embedded in a fantastic flow and a variety of layers that once again proves Dusty Kid’s narrative skills. Whisper me the song of the perfect mix tape. An endless cycle of opening and closing spaces, a gradually rising temperature, and percussive workouts are followed by highly inspired space opera melodies. But Duoteque’s (not that) secret star is the bass sound that sometimes comes along in a deep and mighty, and sometimes in a rather light-footed way. So once the fire is sparked, the party keeps on burning. The audience is immersed in the kicking, hypnotizing sounds and breaks that explode right into your face. In the past, every single track already laid waste to a dance-floor … and you can imagine what will happen if presented in a whole bunch: This release is not only a thunderstorm, but also a milestone for the living room. And by now, even all the couch potatoes and handymen out there must have realized that Duoteque owe their outstanding reputation to the sweat dripping down from the ceiling to the dance-floor.


Disc 1: Duoteque mixed by Dusty Kid

1. Intro
2. Lola
3. Moma
4. Blik
5. Drug Queen
6. Amarcord
7. Elektronischze
8. Adyra
9. Kyra
10. Logo
11. Gotcha

Disc 2: Bonus

1. Daki Theta
2. Lola (The Dolphins Mix)
3. Amarcord (Marascia Mix)
4. Drug Queen
5. Adyra (Live Version)
6. Logo (Pig & Dan Mix)
7. Neon  
8. Elektronischze
9. Moma
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