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Rising up to take his place as king of the underground. DJ W!LD. one of the key residents at Circo Loco opens the doors to >Palace<. his debut artist album that is bursting with raw layers of funk and pure jacking beats and perfectly captures the infectious sound he is renowned for
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„Palace‟ opens with an all encompassing bassline, setting the tone for the whole album‟s journey, one that glides between intrinsic rolling bass and deep rooted funk melodies and deeply connects to the body‟s frequencies. A true musical journey „Palace‟ plunges deep into DJ W!LD‟s passions, joins the dots from acid house and early Chicago house music to deep dancefloor killers, then reaching deep into the heart of his latin roots and conveying a deep yearning sensuality. Comprising of these four distinct musical themes and styles, „Palace‟ is an invitation to dive into the diverse influences that have structured DJ W!LD‟s fifteen year career. The opening „Last Summer‟ is a track about summer sex, sweat and desire. Starting deep in bleeps and low-end bass it breaks down into swirling voices, sharp with a hip hop edge before capturing the heart with ethereal female cries. „Amor‟ is drenched in latin flavour, made during W!LD‟s last trip to Brazil and constructed using the infamous 808 & 909 machines, adding dark and trippy textures. W!LD‟s vocals lead „Another way‟, tinged with a sensual atmosphere and charged male vocal that send sparks of electricity to the soul. „Con leche‟ is a percussive bone rattling track with a tribal flavor that takes you back to the old Tunnel & Twilo clubs in New York city already finding favour with house heavyweights such as Kerri Chandler. The flawless „Bizaz‟ is soulful and erotic echoing the mid 90s deep house sound but finding a new sheen.A seductive twist featuring Hector Moralez on vocals, „Take a trip‟ is the story of an afterhours in Ibiza, with an old school sound and mesmerising bassline. Title track „Palace‟ is framed with an infamous sample making it instantly memorable and infected with power and subtlety, giving a subtle wink to W!LD‟s first residency at the eponymous club.
At its conclusion, „Palace‟ take a lighthearted and elegant turn. The flawless „How I feel‟ is a refined creation, delivering ghostly female singing amidst soft murky brass instruments. Last on the agenda is „5445‟, inspired a hotel room number at WMC 2010 where some crazy adventures went down. This wet disco infused number is laced in sensuality inspiring wide smiles and late night adventures.Guillaume Duchastel de Montrouge, aka DJ W!LD, is part of the infamous Cocoon agency and the newest resident at Circo Loco in DC10, joining last year alongside names such as Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones. The past 2 years have marked a swift comeback for W!LD, a longtime producer and International DJ that made his mark for being elusive, unpredictable, and truly underground. Heavily involved in hip-hop and graffiti trends and street culture, his DJ W!LD alias is wink to the cult motion picture "Wild style", a portrait of graffiti pioneers to an authentic soundtrack of late 70's hip hop New Yorkers. Born in 1975, his journey into music started in the 80's in French town Dijon, where he was immersed in a world of funk, disco, and groovy beats. In the early 90's, Laurent Garnier appeared on the Dijon scene with his residency at L'Enfer and initiated the first steps of a new rave culture in the hexagon. Deeply touched by this revolution and the music of the godfathers of Detroit techno and Chicago house, W!LD discovered his future musical route.Relocating to Paris in 1996, W!LD was soon playing in the best nightspots; the Palace; the Queen; the Rex and invited to the famous New York club Twilo. After a brief stint living in Brazil, W!ld became one of the leading DJs in the underground gay scene in Europe, providing soundtracks for fashion shows for Thierry Mugler ,Christian Lacroix, and Vivienne Westwood. In 2005, Catwash was created, a unique production partnership between W!ld and Chris Carrier and also his first record label. This year he launched a new record label, W, a place for him and his friends to reflect on experiences and musical influences. On this his debut album „Palace‟ will appear with remixes scheduled from DJ Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Chris Carrier, Hector Morales, Phil Weeks, Chez Damiez and SIS. Gathering the force of a tornado. „Palace‟ conveys DJ W!LD‟s enthusiastic spirit and perpetual momentum to master his craft and reach the top of his game.
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