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The legendary DJ Maxxi Disco Energia and Energia Buia tapes. highly coveted by his obsessive fans and thought lost for several years. have been re-discovered. re-mastered and made commercially available for the first time ever. Only previously the ownership of a select few enthusiasts these tapes held legendary status amongst certain individuals. only ever spoken of in hushed tones. these two volumes (this being volume one) serve as a quintessential guide to the Italio Disco phenomenon. Once heard. never forgotten these are some of the finest DJ mixes that youll ever have the privilege to hear. Peppered with classics and underground gems. the composure and construction of Spaghetti Disco Classics are truly outstanding. The mixes have been dusted off and cleaned up for new millennium heads to enjoy. So bathe your ears in their magnificence as you transported away to Northern Italy in the early 1980s enjoy Disco Energia – Spaghetti Disco Classics Volume One. volume two to follow shortly…. Please note this is a very limited release available for one time only
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