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the new smasher by dinamoe on kostbar records, including a remix by alec troniq!

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“Dinamoe” is the German producer and live-act Rico Püstel. He was born in 1986 and has been raised in a small rural German town in Lower-Saxony. While attending primary school, he started taking first piano lessons and slipped off his “musical hymen”. Rico grew up with different aspects of music through classical music, electronic music, the 60/70′s rock music, jazz etc. – he’s always been interested in every kind of audible expression, just
finding it all through his different emotional moods. Concerning electronic music, he used to grew up with hardcore-techno that was going over to a “90s-techno-allround-interest”, starting around records like C.J. Bolland’s
“Neural Paradox”. While growing older, Rico studied djing via self-education and passed various dj-gigs when he was between 12 and 16 years old. Besides, he started creating sounds, structures and small arrangements after taking his first “producing-steps” as a young boy on an old AMIGA® step-sequencer program. His main intention was to figure out how to preserve and re-enact personal visions, experiences, situations, places, things and the connected emotions and feelings through organic tones and harmonies, electronic signals and noises. To add new possibilities to this intentional plan, satisfy his musical desires and enlarge his practical skills, he trained
himself in playing the guitar and drums. Inspired by masses of fantastic music from each line of business, he constantly urged himself to manage the next step. So, there hasn’t been much time for partying, drinking or to lead
a wicked and disastrous way of growing up, but even more for inhaling and enjoying people and nature. In 2005 and 2006, Rico could gain his first official releases on the German labels “Dark-Noize-Recordings” and “Minimal
Sound Noise”, presenting a time of strong and rebellious assimilations with stern tracks like “Senjor Soldjas”, “And You All Didn’t Get It” or “Something Must Happen”, but also smooth and vulnerable pieces like “Winterkaelte” or “Interstate West” – just some excerpts of preserving and re-enacting thoughts. While personally moving further, his music steadily experiences stylistic changes and refreshments, remaining unpredictable and varied for himself in its definite form – striving, restrained, overturned, uncanny or quirky, but always keeping a clear line due to his individual touch of positive tension, funkyness and soul.
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