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Lower Parts / LP004

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Greek imprint Lower Parts drops the *Endless* EP by DIM DJ. based out of Thessaloniki. who delivers material which blurs lines between Acid House. Techno and Ambient. crafted with a variety of Roland and Akai analogue hardware and digital platforms. He has been a local hero in the scene as one half of the Audio Atlas duo.

The release kicks off with "Endless Am", a snarling bit of rubbery, mid tempo techno that is coloured with fizzling acid lines, elongated low-end tones and a rock-solid groove. Following is "CX4", a gurgling piece of pounding acid house built around a simplistic yet sturdy rhythm, distorted drums and lo-fi atmospherics. The "~" is up next, an end of the night track with super sharp hi hats and a mellow feel to it. "Space View" is taking another approach sonically, with ethereal pads and the subtle brass licks subtly eased into the groove brilliantly. It feels tropical and trippy at the same time. Next up, "Don't need" is a raw house cut that surges on like a frictionless train with the lush cowbells and the square wave basslines, building up a moody vibe. Last, "Lost internet" is a shadowy piece of ambient music created by pitched-down voices, alien-like breaths and a slow acid line. It is a robust and bass heavy affair that treads a timeless house path.
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