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After having contributed a remix a few years ago. Green are proud and excited to welcome Deetron for what is his debut release with us. Whether its creating the deepest and most soulful of House. or the grandest of emotional Techno. Deetrons ability to craft exquisite. timeless pieces is second to none. >Deetron is not only a good friend. but also an amazing producer who keeps the Detroit spirit alive in his music.< - Joris Voorn On >Collide< that Detroit spirit is evident once more. A majestic track. thats power is held in its euphoric synth arpeggio. which builds constantly to its climax. >Dark Matter< on the flip is a bassheavy. almost steppin affair. with a darker atmosphere that is brightened temporarily by the lush pads in the break.

Dirt Crew - "Collide is very good!"

Shlomi Aber - "Great techno, as always from Deetron."

Layo - "Dark dark, yes please."

Okain - "This ep is magic!!"

Gorge - "Collide..really cool summer stuff, thanks!"

Chateau Flight - "Collide is great!!!"

Seth Troxler - "Collide is exactly what im looking for in club music at the moment. Amazing! JAM!"

Paolo Mojo - "Sometimes one sound makes it- Im in love with the ring modulation in Dark Matter. Great track."

Matthew Dear - "Dark Matter...Thanks!"

Stuart Patterson - "Playlisted Collide for faith radio show, club plays as well im sure."

Konrad Black - "Loving Dark Matter!"

Sasse - "Detroit - me likey. Beatiful and powerful, well done!"

Ralf - "Dark Matter is what i need."

Darko Esser - "Excellent as always from Mr Deetron! Heavy into both tracks."

Sandy Huner (Bangbang!) - "Collide...beatiful detroit techno, loving it!"

Pitto - "Love them both."

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Very good. Played Collide on last week's show."

Lee Curtiss - "Collide is cool! Thanks!"

Monika Kruse - "Dark Matter is deep and nice!"

Dennis Ruyer - (Radio538 dance department) - "Brilliant. Support in dance dep as well."

Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse DAB, Dublin) - "Dark Matter is definitely my pick of the EP. Love the bass line. Will feature on Ceoltronic."

Pablo Demonio - (Klubbers Fm) - "Sure thats its a good tracks... like it and play sure on radio show!"

Sebs'tune - ( - "Always high quality with Mr. Deetron."

Christian Kausch - ( - "Collide is wonderful stuff."

Ben Murphy - (DJmag) - "Big fan of Deetron and this doesn't disappoint!"

Thilo Schneider - (Groove) - "We will review this one. Thank you for the files!"

Solomun - "Dark Matter is strong!!"

Arnaud Le Texier - "Dark Matter is the one!"

Nico De Ceglia - "Another good one from Deetron. Straight in my bag!"

Cirillo - "Timin and spacin."

Brent Roozendaal - "Very nice tracks. Dark Matter is my fave."

Ralph Lawson - "Very cool - always impeccable production..... Dark Matter for me...."

Tedd Patterson - "I like both tracks."

Sascha Funke - "Collide is great."

Pete Tong - "Prefer Dark Matter and will be looking forward to try out this weekend."

Milton Jackson - "Wow Collide is really special thanks."

Ivan Smagghe - "Solid and slightly different from the previous Green stuff..."

Secret Cinema - "Excellent! Both tracks work for me! Will play Collide more I guess...keep 'm coming!"

Adam Beyer - "Supernice deep record, like it!"

Steve Bug - "Both tracks are nice. I feel like closing my eyes and dancing my ass off!"

Agoria - "I like Deetron, all his releases, no matter the trends, he keep doing his emotive music and i need it."

Quince - "Great EP, hard to choose which track I like best. Good job Mr. Deetron!"

Reboot - "COllide is a killer.. full support!"

Kornél Kovács - "Dark Matter is fantastic!"

Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama) - "Collide is a very good piece of melodic techno, will support on radio. Dark Matter has some twisted elements that I want to try in clubs."

Stefan Fontana - "Top quality music!! I will check for sure Collide."

Motorcitysoul - "Dark, record of the months, switroit!"

Dubfire - "Loving 'Collide'. Nice work:-)"

Marc Romboy - "Big fan of Deetron, Collide is epic and tasty, more please!"

Danny Howells - "Two more amazing tracks from Deetron - full support as always."

Technasia - "Excellent release on Green. Dark matter is my fav'. Full support & play."

Paul Woolford - "I'm always feeling Deetron's music. Dark Matter is excellent. Thank you!"

Nick Höppner - "Gorgeous ep, nuff said! Thanks!"

Benny Rodrigues - "Great great release!!!!"

Kabale und Liebe - "Collide = nice."

Diesel - (X-Press 2) - "Deetron do it again!!"

Eva Maria - "I like the deep dark Deetron!"

PrinsJan - "WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Collide...Best track in years !!!!!!"

Remo - "Both tracks are perfect for me! Full support!!Thank youu!"

Ben Watt - "Collide..reverential techno throwback but brilliantly executed."

Dave Seaman - "Collide..Big and nice!"

Chymera - "Collide reminds me of John Beltran, in a good way. Very laidback but epic in an understated way, will be nice for a radio mix i think."

Joris Voorn - "Deetron brings life and melody into a music world dominated by anonymous house music! Simply stunning!!"

Oxia - "Very nice EP, support!"

Jim Rivers - "Absolutely love these. Right where my head is at. Will play both."

Club Madnezz Holland - "Dark Matter is nice deep stuff."

Tom Wax - (YOU FM) - "Nice atmospheric tunes!"

The Phonic Express - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "Deetron is like the Carl Craig of Europe. Love his melodic sound. Its so infectious....Collide for me...Im on it bigstyle!"

Roual Galloway - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "Detroiton serves up his usual portion of crafted deep fried Detroited fringed bombs. Worth it."

Kédem Ferré - (Paris One Reverse) - "Collide is a little gem!"

Christopher Çolak - (Dinamo.FM/Acik Radio) - "Nice and smooth. I like it especially Dark Matter is for me."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Both tracks are SOLID - Dark Matter is my fave!"

Russell Deeks - (iDJ magazine) - "Collide might make it into a Sunday set for me, or Dark Matter a warm-up set..."

Sven von Thülen - (De:Bug) - "Quality. Deep and soothing."

Ed Karney - (Mixmag) - "More liquid lovliness from Deetron."

DJ Remy - "Cool stuff, Colide is my favourite."

John Digweed - "Dark Matter is great!"

Craig - (Silicone Soul) - "Yes!!!! Lovely stuff esp. Dark Matter can't wait to play this! Actually Collide is wonderful too, stirring stuff!"

Dosem - "I really like clean and simple tracks full of substance... both are really, really great."

Funk D'Void - "Best release on Green so far...."

Noir - "Yesssss... Love Deetron. Cool moody EP this time - will def get some plays from me."

Martin Eyerer - "Dark Matter could be cool for my radio show!"

Anthony Collins - "Dark Matter is super."

Orde Meikle - (Slam) - "Great label - top tunes - support and playing."

Warren Fellow - "Dark Matter is my favo! Feeling the vibe:-)"

Christoph Voorn - "Nice one, Deetron! Dark Matter ?"

Mauro Picotto - "Collide is a nice track, thanks."

dOP - "It's hard to make tracks like this and making it sounds real..Deetron do it on this one. High melody the right moment..bravo."

Nick Warren - "AMAZING, a future classic, both are on the money."

2000 and One - "Amazing melodies!!! Very warm music!!!"
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