Deepchild - BETHANIA

12" Vinyl UK
Caduceus Records / cdr007

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With over a dozen years in music under his belt and a lengthy discography that includes eight full-length albums and numerous EPs and remixes. Deepchild is a producer who needs no introduction. From Australia before it was a destination of note on the electronic circuit. his early music experimented with dub. broken beat. and other ideas. After moving to Berlin to be closer to the pulse. his sound has shifted towards house. but audible echoes of the earlier influences remain. Caduceus Records happily offers him our latest release. with two contrasting original efforts accompanied by remixes from MRSK and Lad
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Deepchild leads off with the more floor-focused of his originals, "Pushing Matter", a dirty, hardware-propelled house jam whose grit looks towards the machines that made it. Extreme effects manipulations of the title vocal hook through ring modulators, delay, LFO and filters provide much of the sound palette, accompanied by acid-flecked basslines and hard-jacking drums with a modicum of breakbeat feeling. MRSK forwards the vocals and leans harder on their drum machines for the remix with deeper, dystopian, dancefloor-wrecking results and a similar overall development. "Lazarus" finds Deepchild in more experimental areas as chugging triplets provide tension to the rhythmic base alongside spacey, repeated vocal and synth phrases. Lad turns in another epic refix by ironing out the rhythmic kinks of the original and taking a lightly progressive house-influenced coda after an extended, heads-down techno workout.
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