Dapayk & Padberg
12" Vinyl D
Stil vor Talent / SVT074

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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In advance of the release of Dapayk & Padbergs third full-length Sweet Nothings - this time round on Stil vor Talent - the experienced duo are teasing us with the Fluffy Cloud EP. which showcases three of the album’s many diverse highlights. while keeping the vinyl lovers happy. The A-side bears the LPs title track >Sweet Nothings<. on which Dapayk & Padberg’s sound takes a turn as they come knocking with a deep but forceful groover. whose distorted high-hats and trancey synth stabs create a vibe both euphoric and weirdly subdued. The lyrics. moreover. emphasise the duality at the core of many Dapayk & Padberg tracks as the latter ponders ‘you’re good for me - you’re bad for me’. Showing another of the duo’s many facets. ‘Backyard’ enchants thanks to mystical lyrics sung beautifully over a deep quasi-dubstep structure. Marking the EP’s mid-point. the atmospheric song shines through intricately crafted fragility and is the perfect contrast to the previous and following track. while leaving a strong desire for more stuck in the listener’s mind. On the B-side. ‘Fluffy Clouds’ does quite the opposite to what its title suggests - rather than being a soft little piece. we are treated to big-room techno fodder à la Berghain. A skeletal framework of heavy kicks. dark pads. white noise and dense metallics works relentlessly underneath a cold spoken word. proclaiming >not human. not animal - just a body in motion<. Machine funk par excellence.
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