Danny Kotz Avi Caspi - REJECT EP

Danny Kotz Avi Caspi
12" Vinyl D
Made of Concrete / MOC011

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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made of CONCRETE release number 11 sees a joint effort from Danny Kotz and Avi Caspi in the form of an incursion into the deep end of spacious techno. Reject unfolds steadily. as spatial loops intertwine with piercing zippy synths. The laid back melodic outline is aptly layered with sombre French vocals by Laurie Eve Jasmine de Larohe which giving the track a mysterious yet groovy appeal. Starting off with a subdued bassline. Canopy follows a slowly ascending groove. as progressive synths and wavy hooks further the track into deep tech territory. For the B side. Myles Sergé swiftly jumps in on the Reject remix. stripping down its embellishing elements and shifting focus towards the bassline. What ensues is a compact backdrop where the bass and percussion take the lead. resulting in an intensely danceable reinterpretation of the original. Stepping away from the murky ambiance present in previous tracks. Karat boosts a slightly more vivacious range of harmonics. Energetic synths set a peppy. 70sreminiscing mood. while the melody keeps the cut anchored into present day electronica.
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