Damien Schneider - Frozen Echoes EP

Damien Schneider

Frozen Echoes EP


Onnset / Onnst007

Front View : Damien Schneider - Frozen Echoes EP - Onnset / Onnst007
Back View : Damien Schneider - Frozen Echoes EP - Onnset / Onnst007

Onnsets Seventh release is delivered by Damien Schneider. The Frozen Echoes EP consists of three original tracks and a remix by JoeFarr (Leisure System/Onnset/Hype Ltd)

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DJ Support:

Kaiser: "cosma for me, thanks"
Subjected: "THX"
The Clairvoyants: "Will give the JoeFarr remix a try"
Fundamental Interaction: "Liking Prisma and Yama, thanks!"
Scalameriya: "Finally some non-"wannabe Millsian" tracks in my inbox. Will probably play all of them. Cheers!"
Leandro Ga?mez: "Interesting release, will play Prisma, Yama & Cicada, love the artwork btw...Thanks!. Well i love Cosma as well, yeah definitely a great release!."
Dave Tarrida: "priama!!!!!"
Jay Clarke: "Nice work again lads. Cicada original and Joe's Remix. Enjoying the deep groove of Cosma. Thanks"
Samot/NX1 : "Prisma and Joe remix my favs."
DJ Pete: "harsch and funky"
Techno Scene: "Solid EP. Nice remix by JoeFarr. Yama is the definite favourite of this one."
Radial : "Really like Prisma and Cicada. Thanks!"
CTRLS : "JoeFarr remix for me, thanks!"
MTD" "Great EP, Yama and remix definitely for me!"
Alderaan: "Wow, really nice quality here!"
Paul Mac: "Solid club tools. Yama and Cosma both working for me"
Rebekah: "great release!"
mr. jones : "powerful ep,."
rob hall: "like it, particularly the joefarr remix"
Dax J : "yama and pima sound great!"
Hd Substance: "interesting breaks"
Sasha Carassi: "solid ep!"
falling apart: "thanks!"
Wrong Assessment: "!!"
Quail : "Yama & Cicada are doing it for me !"
Petar Lazovic: "10"
Dubfire: "Downloaded for Dubfire, thanks!
Matteo Pitton: "good techno stuff, "prisma" is my favorite. thanks!"
Scam: "Cool groove on Cosma"
Ekserd: "Some sweet trax on here, thnks!"
Haeken: "Yama is cool thanks!"
Olliver Fandino : "Proper work Damien! Solid remix by Joe. Will play~!"
David Att: "Prisma is the one for me. Thanks. D"
Joseph Capriati: "downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !"
Maceo Plex / Maetrik: "downloaded for Maceo Plex / Maetrik, thanks for the music!"
larryntee: "hot one!"
Roi : "Joe Farr remix for me.Thanks!!!
Keith Carnal : "Prisma and Cicade are really dope!!!"
Synthek: "nice release! will test it! tnx"
Setaoc Mass: "Cicada is really cool!"
Ross Alexander: "Joe Farr remix is decent!"
Rodrigo Garcia: "thx"
Hannu Ikola : "One of my favourite labels atm. Very nice release again."
Rich Hawtin : "downloaded for r hawtin"
Vinicius Honorio (BTK): "Dope!"
Advanced Human: "will try out Yama, cheers !"
Doka: "Cicada (origingal) for me! Sick. Thanks"
Markantonio : "Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!
Rivet :“The digi only is a mongrel"
Kitkatone: "Tough and harsh! Thanks!"
Kastil : "Great music here, joefarr remix is superb too!
Mudrost: "Downloading, thanks!"
Ryuji Takeuchi: "yama for me, nice techno stuff."
Nadja Lind/Klartraum : "Cicada is cool"
Denise Rabe: "Pretty good vinyl!"
XHEI: "Yama for mi Guys!!"
A Thousand Details: "Excellent stuff. Originals are great and will be dropping them for sure! Thanks!"
Relapso: "real solid!"
Etapp Kyle "Thanks"
sonitus eco: "interesting release . will play"
Salvo Castelli : "support!"
Gonzalo MD : "this ep is excellent! thanks!"
Aiken: "yama for me"
Wunderblock: "excellent weapons, thanx!)"
Sade Rush: "Thank you for the music, nice EP, thanks! :)"
kryss hypnowave : "i love this ep, deepness and rich of groove... for me cicada support thanks"
Takaaki Itoh : "yama,cicada and cosma are for me."
Juho Kusti : "thanks!"
yac (I/Y) "prisma <3
mark august : "heavy grooves!"
Lee Holman : "Its all about the ever excellent Joe Farr on remix duties. Slamming."
Dimitri Pike : "Nice release, I'll play it." [txt from ]
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