D Julz


12" Vinyl FR

Bass Culture / BCR046T

Front View : D Julz - HOUDINI EP - Bass Culture / BCR046T
Back View : D Julz - HOUDINI EP - Bass Culture / BCR046T

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Bass Cultures latest release comes straight from the studio of the label head, D Julz. A man who draws on dub influences, groove and deep soul-enriching rhythms, D Julz is a member of the Paris old school fraternity and brings that classic sound right into the 21st Century with his Houdini EP.Across three tracks we have a selection of music that epitomises what he’ all about. The title track gets things rolling with a sultry groove pervading throughout, crunchy claps add depth while fizzing synth lines and throwback yelps give it plenty of character. Second track * Waiting 4 Visa* is a classy breakbeat-led outing, delicate effects loom in the background entrancing the listener while the minimal composition keeps things simple and hypnotic. Lastly * Serendipity* takes us a few layers deeper, with a laid-back bounce and chirpy bleeps really bringing it to life. D Julz shows us once again why he is one of the mainstays of the Paris, a godfather who does everything with a touch of class.

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‘These are hott! Waiting 4 Visa is my favorite but really like all of them!’ Ryan Elliott ‘i love the release! all three tracks are great!’ Sebo K ‘I played them , good!’ Cassy ‘Mortel!’ Laurent Garnier ‘Amazing tunes. In heavy rotation of my sets. Houdini I play 4 times this weekend and Serendipity 2 times at the beginning of my set’ Tobi Neumann ‘these tracks will destroy the dance floor’ Dyed Soundorom ‘houdini is the cut for me, big thx’ Ben Sims ‘nice ep ! all tracks work fine for me. Serendipity I like most’ Dorian Paic ‘Great release from the boss man!’ Josh Wink ‘Great as always!’ Delano Smith ‘alwayz on point’ Sneak ‘Houdini is super cool ! Love it !’ Anja Schneider ‘Houdini has been doing it on the dancefloor!!!!’ Doc Martin
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