26000 (CD)
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With a scraggle of noise and feedback zone beginning 26000. Ilpo Vaeisaenen and Dirk Dresselhaus continue their Angel duo with a work that inhabits its own zone of cryptic anger and contemplation. If anything. a sense of structure destroyed has been the hallmark of both Vaeisaenen and Mika Vainios work away from Pan Sonic. but 26000 in particular - with Angel added and abetted by performers such as Oren Ambarchi and B.J. Nilsen - introduces a sense of unspoken story to the proceedings. a soundtrack to a sci-fi film that emphasizes cosmic horror by implication. The slow roil that -Before the Rush- settles into. a combination throb and mechanistic growl. both parallels and contrasts the concluding -Paradigm Shift.- the subtlest of bass rhythms anchoring overlaid drone murk and screeches of noise shaped and controlled like an event horizon reached and held. Central piece -Dark Matter Leak- sounds it. deep echoes and distant footsteps and other outer space haunted house noises interspersed with up-front bursts of percussion rattlings and glitches. a robot companion in space rapidly going on the fritz. The overlaid clatter of -In- and similarly frenetic mess of -Out- frame said dead center equally excellently.
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