Ambivalent & Michael L Penman - SHIMMER EP

Ambivalent & Michael L Penman


12" Vinyl D

Ovum / OVM232

Front View : Ambivalent & Michael L Penman - SHIMMER EP - Ovum / OVM232
Back View : Ambivalent & Michael L Penman - SHIMMER EP - Ovum / OVM232

Ambivalent & Michael L Penman debut on Ovum with *Shimmer*. Having found a very fruitful collaborative friendship, Michael L Penman and Ambivalent (aka Kevin McHugh) have begun exploring the intersection of their approaches to music-making. They originally connected when Kevin discovered Michaels music in 2010. After playing many of his productions in his DJ sets and including them in a mix-CD (_ground) release for Minus, Kevin made contact and the pair began exchanging files and swapping ideas. This led to time in the studio together and yet more file exchanges. Quickly a natural creative balance emerged as they found that their production techniques were complementary as is their shared love of groove, bass and musicality. For their Ovum debut the duo have delivered a trio of tracks that have those three elements at their core. Title track Shimmer brings together raw jackin funk with a warm driving bassline and scything techy stabs whilst Chevalier matches its fun bouncy groove with an infectious and spritely melody. Final track Memogram comes heavy with the oldskool, delivering a bed of beats and samples beneath the very heaviest of acid-kicks. Not for the feint of heart!

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