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The bands founding members - Thorben Seiero Jensen and Sune Solund have made it again! - >Let This Be The Last Night We Care< is the Copenhagen outfits third LP to date!
Blogger Darlings, Alcoholic Faith Mission
Ready With Third Release, Let This Be the
Last Night We Care.
Alcoholic Faith Mission, the paradoxically
named Danish quintet who flew their second
album, 421 Wythe Avenue into worldwide
music-blogger praise and record label love
in three continents, are looking forward to
the spring release of their third album, Let
This Be the Last Night We Care.
The PonyRec protégés hit stride in 2009
with critical acclaim from the international
music press and more adoration from
bloggers around the planet. Not only did
they make many of the Best of 2009 lists,
they’ve got four songs on the soundtrack of
a Canadian independent film called, Point
Traverse, and were just asked to play a
variety of gigs and festivals in the US.
With the ink drying on a two-album deal for
a Tokyo label Quince Records, and the
upcoming PonyRec/Paper Garden Records
release of 421 Wythe Avenue in the
States, one could say things look promising
for these pleasingly discordant Danes.
“On the other hand,” says Thorben Seiero,
the band’s front man and co-founder, “with
the success of 421, this album’s got a hell of
a lot to live up to.”
Look for AFM to do three tours of Europe in
2010, a date or two in Japan, and
potentially mini-tour of the U.S.
Please enjoy!
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