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w0rkt34m / WT09

Front View : 4NYON3 - ANYWHERE - w0rkt34m / WT09
Back View : 4NYON3 - ANYWHERE - w0rkt34m / WT09

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For our 9th release we bring you 4NYON3, a new techno project emerging from the city streets of Madrid. This installment will be released on a 3 track vinyl and a 5 track digital EP. 4NYON3 takes w0rkt34m to darker and rougher territories, but keeps that raw, analog sound we love so much, with a high dosage of funk.

Side A of the vinyl is UTILA, a very energetic techno track. It starts with an asymmetric synth sequence, soon followed by a playful riff and the full beat blast. The sounds are rough and fat and the whole track has a tape like compression that creates a very organic, warm and natural distorssion. The structure is simple and effective; with evolving synths, all the elements in the track play with each other effortlessly.

Side B1 on the vinyl, is MADONNA. Probably the funkiest of the pack, Madonna has a dubby like vibe with a subtle build up of drums & bass. A very playful synth sequence breaks in to lead the track. Menacing pads add tension throughout while the percussive elements come and go in a very elegant way.

Side B2 on the vinyl, is ATOCHA. Just like a train, this track is solid, unstoppable and metallic. It starts with a rough funky beat and a distorted whistle like sound. The slow build breaks with aggressive stabs and some 909 frenetic patterns that remind us of 90's percussive techno, keeping the tension at a very high level.
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