2000 And One
12" Vinyl BE
Intacto / Intac026

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Twisted friction across a beat with balls. packed with sizzling intrigue. shredded white noise snippets wrapped in throbbing beats - Mr. Pete Tong in love with it!
Intacto Records was founded in Amsterdam in 2004 under the collaborative genius of Shinedoe and 2000 and One. Its catalogue is a melting pot of influences to surprise you each time - from Chicago to Detroit, from minimal techno to techhouse.

For Intacto’s 26th release we welcome 2000 And One who has been on the forefront of electronic music since the late eighties. Besides making a name for himself as one of the leading international techno artists originating from Holland, he’s also created a platform for Amsterdam’s new school house and techno generation with his involvement with six imprints.

Here he’s created two thumping techno tunes to thrash to:

PEKING DUCK: Twisted friction across a beat with balls. Here’s a track that’s packed with sizzling intrigue, shredded white noise snippets wrapped in throbbing beats – the perfect recipe to cook the dancefloor.

PEKING DUB: Drum infused deep groove action, guaranteed to evoke clubbing mayhem.

(added: 2010-04-29 08:24:22 )
What other people think (!)

Pete Tong: Love this guy and looking forward to playing with him soon a breakthrough talent for 2010

Anja Schneider: nice one :) he he Dub version for me

Joris Voorn: Great new EP from 2000 and One! The dub will be best for me, but original rocks as well!

Gregor Tresher: big new trx from 2000 and One- will play on heavy rotation! peking dub my fav.

Billy Nasty: 2 great tracks loving the perc on the peking duck...Double tasty!!

Reboot: Great EP!! Pecking Duck is the one for me.. will play for sure!

Radio Slave: sound great in the hotel...will explore tonight, thanks and love

Adam Beyer: Peking duck is great, will play and support

Riva Starr: i ve been waiting for new 2000AndOne original stuff for months, this is really worth the wait.. will bang it at Pbar this weekend x

Diogo (Edge Brazil) : Peking Dub is amazing!

Argy: Useful tools!! THANKS!

Delete: pecking duck is the one for me!!! nice one from 2000 and One!!

Anthony Collins: i love peking duck , my favorite chiness dish :-)

Meat: the dub is the one for me! good work like always. cheers

Gabriele Baldi (Bitten) Nice ones!! Big sinth and groovy beats, Peking Duck is my favourite. Full support!

Gerardo Niva: like both mixes, specially the dub!

Dan Drastic: very cool. will play the original.

Carlos Valdes: liking the peking dub! tnx

Edwin Oosterwal: Great release! Looking forward to playing this one out tomorrow!

2000 and One: :)

Anton Pieete: vette shit dude!!, i like them both, will play them both :)

Dj Remy: Cool stuff, will play the dub!

DJ Madskillz: Dutch peking Duck rocks! Great release& full support

Mendo: Peking Duck for me! Great sound!

Monika Kruse: well done is the peking duck !!! will play!!!

Daniel Stefanik: IN MY CASE!!! 2000 AND ONE HAVE THE GROOVE!!!

Fergie: Yes boss loving this, As always solid :-)

Nekes: Great . full support

Joseph Capriati: Peking Duck is the best for me! i will play it a lot!

ilario alicante: Nice bassline, will test it!

D Julz: yes! duck in the box

MANDY: Support

Wouter De Moor: Nice one! Peking Dub is the one for me! Thanx

Lauhaus: amazing groove. full support!

Size: Peking dub for me! Thanks for this quality groover

Dennis Ruyer: I think i have to visite my favourite Chinese restaurant. This Duck is sizzling hot. Like it!

Deetron: 2 solid dancefloor weapons, my fave's the original mix.

Dave Ellesmere: pecking dub ... deep hypnotic vibes ...on rotation !

Martinez: Phat-funky-techno, only the way that 2000 and One can do it... full support!

Smokin Jo: This is killer, lovin the bumpy vibe. 10/10

Kiki: "peking duck" has a nice summergroove goin on and "peking dub" gets everything shaking upside down and around again as if you´d have had too much "peking duck". could get messy when dropped ;-)

Uto Karem (Plus 8) :solid release, in my bag

Len Faki: shut on peking dub!

Solomun: the dub for me. thanks!

Oliver Klein : my favorite is the dub mix! like it!

Josh Wink: Like the raw old school feeling of the Dub version...

Bart Skils: Cool tracks with 2000 and One's trademark sound..nice!!

Julien Chaptal: really diggin' Pekin Duck!

Karotte : 2000 and One is back with 2 bombs. love it.

(added: 2010-04-29 08:24:51 )
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