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12" Vinyl NL 17.11.17
2019 repress finally available! spokenn, the musical merging of minds between ferro and reiss. both are figureheads of the amsterdam scene and key proponents of the vbx brand. inviting the duo to showcase the first fruits of their labor on the label felt like a perfectly natural progression of things.
the title of their first ep is an homage to the intricate process of making music together. limbic resonance is defined as a symphony of mutual exchange and internal adaptation whereby two mammals become attuned to each otherís inner states.
after having spend the better part of the past years debating, playing and creating music, the two step up. the resulting 3 tracker is in equal parts introspective as it is geared towards the dance floor. a statement that is further underlined by the ongoing pre-release support from key players like cristi cons, vlad caia, and tini.
donít miss out on this first effort by the very promising duo spokenn!
VBX Records
out of stock
10.62 EUR *
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