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12 Inch 05.03.10
third poco label ep. a sweet and charming melody, created by the excellent jazz musician martin leiton, is the seed of this release in which oscarfly & zippticher make a beautiful display to a tremendous track. this release has been conceived and nourishes to marvel the audience with its excellent production and arrangement. this ep comes with two remixes. first one from yostek, an wellknown israeli producer, who gets a good techno version and second one from oscarfly, betting on a careful groovy and cheerful track.
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12 Inch 22.09.09
great modern tech-house including a phat someone else remix!
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12 Inch 23.06.09
after six years exploring music production in an extended meaning, oscarfly decides to go into the professional field and starts a new project with his friend and colleague zippitcher.they ve been working in projects like a netlabel website designed to promote young promises in the music business. as well in the a group of musicians, sound designers and video artist who played for a couple of years in barcelona and around. soon after that, they decide to create their own record label >poco< (powered by in order to release their best tracks, col s artist tracks and even well know artist tracks. first release of this new label born in barcelona emanate freshness, sexy grooves and these beautiful colors that people love so much at the dance floor. this first work includes a great remix of mihalis safras.
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