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12" Vinyl FR 07.06.18
this may sees climbers & teddy wong collaborate on a moody single entitled it s all about house ep , featuring remixes from haze-m, ekai & baum, recalde and andre vii. over the last couple of years, mexico s climbers has been releasing on get physical, bunny tiger, and turbo, not to mention touring the globe playing shows in europe, north america and south america. meanwhile, fellow compatriot and rngds music founder teddy wong has been making his mark with releases on desert hearts and monotonik. joining them on remix duties is tunisian artist and haze music boss haze-m, a collaboration between viva s ekai and elrow s baum, lost beach club resident recalde and platino founder andre vii. it s all about house opens with rattling drums before a booming bassline and tantalizing synths join a murky male vocal, leading into the rhythmic haze-m remix with its menacing synth that evolves into floating melodies. next up, ekai & baum s remix is an all-out acid roller, leading into deeper territories with recalde s percussive and twisted remix until andre vii s syncopated version chops up the lyrics until they re almost unrecognizable.
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