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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: abdallah ag oumbadougou
12" Vinyl UK 11.11.19
limited vinyl reissue of the 1994 cassette album from abdallah ag oumbadougou.
Sahel Sounds
Last Copy!
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp + cd D 03.04.12
welcome to mali. everything was already said between the lines of their previous collection. amadou & mariam have long cultivated the art of meeting, a sense of team play, a spirit of openness that they often put into practice with musicians from all backgrounds and styles. on trips into detours, their planetary journey have allowed the couple to forge friendships in the long term. m and vincent segal were their guests, keziah jones and k’naan also interacted, the lebanese trumpeter ibrahim maalouf and british guitarist johnny marr were invited to jam, manu chao and damon albarn produced them with skill.
the vinyl lp comes with cd-copy of the album and a fold-out poster.
out of stock
18.59 EUR *
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