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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: dj t. nomads
cd D 06.03.17
for the next installment in our watergate mix series, we turn to two close friends of the club who also happen to be some of the most sought after selectors today, the dynamic polish duo catz n dogz. the story of the fabled friendship goes back over 10 years when they first played the club inciting the first anecdote in a series of countless returns to both the main and water floors as well as our open air summer events and club showcases throughout europe. within the mix, the pair perfectly encapsulate the vibe of each respective watergate events environment proving they are masters of their craft. over the span of 27 tracks in just over an hours time, catz n dogz showcase their affinity, prowess, and knowledge of all things house. from beginning to end, the mix dives into every corner the genre has to offer, merging classic sounds with future concepts where the sounds of legends like dj garth, joakim, kalexi, jackmate, and mr. g
Watergate Records
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cd D 11.02.11
100 % ibiza
Short Records
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