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12" Vinyl D 19.09.18
‘neverending story’ opens with ‘a dimension reflected’ and its introductory mixture of keys and beats. the beat is built upon piece by piece, while slippery synths fill in the upper registers. the second track, ‘planet texture’, opens with a blossoming pad which is soon joined by a steady kick and some bouncing synths. before long an adventurous bassline joins in and puts the track into full groove mode. there’s a twinkling synth floating above it all, sometimes present, sometimes not, making you wonder if you’re really hearing it at all. next up is the first track on the b-side, ‘old problems’. filled with little samples and microsounds, the track uses its beat to push through heady and sometimes disorientating array of colours that swirl across the track. a wide synth enters affairs a third of the way in and helps push the track out onto the dancefloor. ‘neverending story’ comes next, featuring a skittering beat and atmospherics that seem to come from far away. a low bassline pops in and out of the track here and there, while pondersome some keys complete the mood. the ep closes with ‘algorithm’, another scrambled, unpredictable track. the track opens with a rainbow of keys and synths, darting between your ears in their affected manner. an almost glitchy ambient track, it brings to a calm close a fantastic release.
Sol Asylum
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