Len Faki - FUSION REMIXES 02/03


2x12 Inch

Figure / figure x41

Front View : Len Faki - FUSION REMIXES 02/03 (2X12INCH) - Figure / figure x41
Back View : Len Faki - FUSION REMIXES 02/03 (2X12INCH) - Figure / figure x41

2x 12inch vinyl with full cover print

Len Faki assembles second star-studded Fusion Remixes instalment

The Berliner recruits his favourite producers for the second edition of ‘Fusion’ reworks

Berlin-based renowned techno artist Len Faki has announced the second instalment of his Fusion remix trilogy, out 19th April on his label imprint Figure.

Nearly a year on from the original LP release, Fusion Remixes 02/03 reminds us of the versatility and musical expansiveness of Len Faki’s latest masterwork. The Berliner has hand-picked his favourite producers, from ANNA to Modeselektor, to reimagine eight originals on the second double 12“ EP of the Fusion Remixes collection, following January’s first instalment.

Part two of the trilogy kicks off with ‘Sexuality (My Reality)’, recrafted by Len himself under the moniker Hardspace into a rasping stomper, adding a cacophony of hit hats into the mix using his understanding of floor dynamics. Fusion deep cut ‘Shri Yantra’ gets the club treatment next, with Luke Slater’s Deep Heat remix ramping up the intensity, transporting the original’s delicate synth textures into a high octane screamer.

On the B-side, Amotik morphs the bouncing ‘Make Me Scream’ into a one-way tunnel of haunted voices and pummeling percussion, while the sharp breakbeats and warm synths give Ploy’s rework of ‘Raum 422’ a distinctly old school feel.

Next up, ANNA crafts the album highlight two-parter ‘Hymn’ into a club anthem with thick low end and intricate topline melodies, and ‘Astra’ gets a rework from the man Len Faki himself on a lean Beat Room mix crawling with otherworldly sound effects.

Closing this second remixes EP out, Fusions lead single ‘Don’t Be Stupid Day’ is reinterpreted as an ominous, distorted fever dream by Modeselektor, before Beste Hira’s take on ‘Waver’

Stay tuned for part three of the remix trilogy, bringing even more of the Fusion originals back
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