Pheek - WIJA


12 Inch


Front View : Pheek - WIJA (180G VINYL) - VRNT / VRLTD004
Back View : Pheek - WIJA (180G VINYL) - VRNT / VRLTD004

Delving deep into the shadowy realms of filmic soundscapes, Pheeks latest EP is a masterful blend of darkness and texture. Drawing heavy inspiration from moody cinema and the raw, gritty undertones of lofi elements, this collection manages to capture and amplify fond sound textures, seamlessly integrating them within techno structures. At its core, there is an unmistakable cinematic ambiance, an aura that paints a picture of suspense and mystery. But don’t let the atmospheric subtleties fool you. Beneath the misty veneer lies a pulsating heart of energy, with layers that rhythmically surge and ebb. It is a sonic journey that is as intricate as it is evocative, showcasing Pheeks prowess in both craft and creativity. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where each track tells its own enigmatic tale.

VRNT, Canada was founded by April Terry in North America as a local to Calgary, Alberta. We are proud to present VRLTD004 limited to 200 copies.
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