Dj Surgeles - TRIGLAV


12 Inch

Deeptrax / TECH-UM313003

Front View : Dj Surgeles - TRIGLAV - Deeptrax / TECH-UM313003
Back View : Dj Surgeles - TRIGLAV - Deeptrax / TECH-UM313003

Techno Masterpiece.. for fans of Jeff Mills

The exploration craft Isis001, a spaceship sent by humanity, has crashed into the unknown world of Triglav, with one of the most important discoveries in galactic history. Below, a handful of humans fight an armed group of outsiders and the entire hostile planet to protect the secret - the fate of the Triglavs, the legendary first species to show wisdom in the stars. Over time, the group of astronauts begins to understand what is going on on the planet,and begins to understand Triglav's secret, but will they be able to return to our planet and share the secret about Triglav? Triglav's heads were believed to represent Sky, Earth and the Underworld. It was believed that Triglav has three heads because he ruled these three kingdoms and had a golden binding over his eyes and lips so he could not see people's sins nor speak about them. Credits: All tracks are written and produced by DJ Surgeles. Mastering by Javier, KTC Mastering. Artwork by Zeger Scholtus. DJ Surgeles has a longstanding collaboration with Detroit legend Jeff Mills. Connected through music, DJ Surgeles learned the insides and tricks of Jeff. Many conversations and meetings over the years led to this new concept "The Escape Velocity". DJ Surgeles has also collaborated exclusively with Jeff Mills on the concepts "Something in The Sky" and "STRMRKD" and produced a special Axis Records 10 years The Bells DJ mix back in 2007. I wanna thank Jeff Mills for making this album happen.
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