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Perc Trax / TPT096

Front View : Clouds - CLUBMATTER - Perc Trax / TPT096
Back View : Clouds - CLUBMATTER - Perc Trax / TPT096

Scotland’s hardest of the hardcore Clouds make a surprise return to Perc Trax with Clubmatter.

It's their first appearance on the label since they remixed Perc's 'Dumpster' back in 2014 with Perc returning the favour to remix Clouds' Dread Networks' on Perc Trax in the same year.

Since then they have been busy performing across the globe, collaborating with Randomer on their uncompromising Headstrong project, founding their own Maxiboy imprint and pairing up with Speedy J for a release on his Stoor label.

Across these four tracks Clouds find a perfect balance between rave energy and sleek techno futurism. The rave sounds we all know well are there, but this isn't the same old vocal samples, hoovers and breakbeats we've heard a million times. Instead Cloud resynthesise the spirit of rave and hardcore, fuse it with their techno background and deliver something fresh and new but still fitting into the lineage of hardcore that goes back to the 1990's.

As ever with a Clouds release the visual side is as sharp as the music and the Raf Rennie designed sleeve of Clubmatter keeps this tradition going with a sharp monochrome interpretation of Cloud's musical vision. [info sheet from distr.]
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