GRAVITY EP (Melchior Productions RMX)


BodyParts Vinyl / BPV028

Front View : Eric - GRAVITY EP (Melchior Productions RMX) - BodyParts Vinyl / BPV028
Back View : Eric - GRAVITY EP (Melchior Productions RMX) - BodyParts Vinyl / BPV028

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BodyParts Vinyl resident Odessa-born Eric returns to the imprint with his new Gravity Precept EP, composed of three exquisitely produced originals and a remix from a master, Thomas Melchior. Gravity Precept explores the nooks and crannies between the minimal techno and spacey house genres and bends them together in a palette that is as coldly robotic as it is humanly warm. The dichotomy between the mechanical grooves and the delicately warm melodic elements raises the level of intimacy of this EP to a standard one would only find on the best of the after-hours.

On the remix duties, Melchior Productions Ltd. infused the original track with his immensely shuffled, signature rhythms and striped down the entire mixdown to its bare bones. Such headroom created the perfect space for the pads and melodic elements to grow, for added melodrama, yet focused, straight-to-the-point and endlessly deep. [info sheet from distr.]
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