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Flaneurecordings / FR018

Front View : Matthias Vogt - MIND TRAVELLER - Flaneurecordings / FR018
Back View : Matthias Vogt - MIND TRAVELLER - Flaneurecordings / FR018

Incl.Losoul and DJ Jauche RMX

May saw the release of Matthias Vogt's extraordinary new album: Pianissimo. A sound journey based on piano compositions, enriched with guitar sounds, drum and percussion parts, electronic influences and snippets of interviews with environmental activists.
Music that is very unique and cannot be directly assigned to any genre.
Two club mixes of Pianissimo tracks were created, which are now released on Flaneurecordings:
The Losoul mix of "The Mind Traveller" is a twisted dub that is cleverly teasing original elements again and again and finally boils up in a break. Peter Kremeier aka Losoul, producer legend from Frankfurt's Playhouse environment is himself a traveler in electronic music and takes us here on his very own internalized trip.
Flaneur boss DJ Jauche takes on "Shimmering Sea" and works close to the original, but refines the track masterfully for the deep dancefloors. A sound that works great for open airs as well as clubs. Very soulful, crisp and stylistically confident. [info sheet from distr.]
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